Find Your Perfect Product

At Bella Flor, we have a product to suit your unique body shape, preference, and flow. Our naturally chlorine-free products are infused with soothing chamomile extract for added comfort and freshness.



Comfort, discretion and protection in one single pad. Our thinnest pad is perfect to go with you anytime and anywhere and helps you feel fresh and comfortable all the time.

Regular with Wings

Feel like every other day of your life while using our Regular Pad with Wings. It has great absorption and a soft cloth-like cover that will help you feel clean and dry like any other day.

Maxi Ultrathin with Wings

Our maximum absorbency pad offers you maximum protection. on your heavier days. It’s longer and wider for extra coverage but also ultrathin for great comfort and discretion.

Overnight with Wings

Sleep tight and relax without worrying. Bella Flor Overnight has a larger and more comfortable shape that will help you stay dry, clean and fresh while you sleep.

Panty Liners


Light and comfortable for everyday protection. These liners absorb natural odors, light discharge and act as a backup for tampons, so you can stay fresh each day.


The same light and comfortable protection you expect — in a longer shape. These liners absorb odor, light discharge and add an extra layer of protection when wearing tampons.