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Naturally Chlorine Free

You’re mindful of what you put inside your body, but what about the things you put on your skin? The skin is the largest — and thinnest — organ in the body, and absorbs many of the substances it comes into contact with. That’s why we’re proud to say Bellaflor Naturals pads and liners are free of elemental chlorine to help minimize skin irritation and adverse environmental impact.

Infused with Chamomile Extract, Aloe Vera, and Vitamin E

We hand selected these natural extracts and a light, hypoallergenic scent to help protect your skin and keep you feeling fresh all day long! Natural chamomile extract helps to reduce skin inflammation, control uncomfortable odors, and prevent bacteria. Aloe Vera also helps to minimize inflammation and soothe sensitive intimate skin. Vitamin E is a nutrient and antioxidant that helps to reduce irritation and promote overall skin health.

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Lasting Comfort and Absorbency, at a Great Value

We’re firm believers that buying natural products shouldn’t mean compromising on quality or value. Our innovative gel sorb technology rapidly absorbs and locks away liquids and odor, for lasting freshness and comfort. A soft, cloth-like cover moves with your body to keep you protected and dry for hours. We pride ourselves on our wallet-friendly prices, because we think every woman deserves natural feminine care!

Possible Benefits of Chamomile


• Promote relaxation and relieve stress.

• Calm nervous stomach and improve digestion.

• Induce sleep.

• Soothe skin irritations, including sunburn, heat rash and hemorrhoids.

• Relieve colic and stomach cramps.

Among others.

Chamomile is a wonderful gift from Nature.